Special Issue 55.2-3, Summer/Fall 2014, Guest Editors Jordana Rosenberg and Chi-ming Yang

Table of Contents

The Dispossessed Eighteenth Century

Jordana Rosenberg and Chi-ming Yang, “Introduction: The Dispossessed Eighteenth Century.”

Siraj Ahmed, “Dispossession and Civil Society: The Ambivalence of Enlightenment Political Philosophy.”

Betty Joseph, “The Political Economy of the English Rogue.”

Ashley L. Cohen, “Wage Slavery, Oriental Despotism, and Global Labor Management in Maria Edgeworth’s Popular Tales.”

Julie Chun Kim, “Natural Histories of Indigenous Resistance: Alexander Anderson and the Caribs of St. Vincent.”

Ramesh Mallipeddi, “‘A Fixed Melancholy’: Migration, Memory, and the Middle Passage.”

Humberto Garcia, “The Transports of Lascar Specters: Dispossessed Indian Sailors in Women’s Romantic Poetry.”

David Kazanjian, “‘To see the Issue of these his exorbitant practices’: A Response to ‘The Dispossessed Eighteenth Century’.”

Denise Ferreira da Silva, “Transversing the Circuit of Dispossession.”

Lawrence Lipking, “Contemporary Johnson” (Book Review).

Jennifer Davis Michael, “Drawn Dry with Thanks and Compliments: Blake and the Gift” (Book Review).

Shelton Waldrep, “Reading in the Round” (Book Review).

Terry F. Robinson, “Mediated Performances: Negotiating the Theater of War on the Late Eighteenth-Century Stage and Page” (Book Review).

Sylvia Kasey Marks, “Delectando Monemus: An Examination of the Books That Delighted and Instructed Young Readers 1700-1840″ (Book Review).

Denys Van Renen, “Topography as History” (Book Review).

Megan Walsh, “The Science of Discernment in Early America” (Book Review).