Volume 50, 2009, Supplement

Toni Bowers, “‘Real’ or ‘Expedient’?: Hannah Smith’s Georgian Monarchy: Politics and Culture and the Question of Hanoverian Loyalty”
Review of Hannah Smith, Georgian Monarch: Politics and Culture, 1714-1760 (Cambridge 2006)

Lucinda Cole, “Animals, Things, and Consumption: A Review Essay”
Review of Nathaniel Wolloch, Subjugated Animals: Animals and Anthropocentrism (Humanity Books, 2006) and Mark Blackwell (ed.), The Secret Life of Things: Animals, Objects, and It-Narratives in Eighteenth-Century English (Bucknell, 2007)

Tim Fulford, “Romantic Writing and Dissenting Religion”
Review of Daniel E. White, Early Romanticism and Religious Dissent (Cambridge, 2007)

Stephen Gregg, “Contrariness: Defoe and Political Biography”
Review of  N. Furbank and W. R. Owens,  A Political Biography of Daniel Defoe (Pickering & Chatto, 2006)

George Haggerty, “Queer People: Then and Now”
Review of Chris Mounsey and Caroline Gonda (eds.), Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1700-1800 (Bucknell, 2007)

Molly Anne Rothenberg, “Why We Need Cynicism Now”
Review of David Mazella, The Making of Modern Cynicism (Virginia, 2007)

Beth Kowaleski Wallace, “Defining the Cultural Work of Sentimentality”
Review of Lynn Festa, Sentimental Figures of Empire in Eighteenth-century Britain and France (Johns Hopkins, 2006)

The Editors would like to thank the following Editorial Assistants for this volume: L’Auren Aspenlieder, David J. Collier, Megan Coonts, Karyn Henry, Melissa Holman, Tara Kloeppel, Bethany Lipari, Grace E. Reed, Adam Thomas-Brashier, and Lindsay Waples.