Volume 46, 2005, Supplement

Alvan Bregman, “Hogarth’s Christian Doctrine”
Review of Ronald Paulson, Hogarth’s Harlot: Sacred Parody in Enlightenment England (Johns Hopkins, 2003)

Lucinda Cole, “Nervous Acts: Nerves, Politics, and Literary Culture”
Review of George S. Rousseau, Nervous Acts: Essays on Literature, Culture, and Sensibility (Palgrave, 2004)

Jim Egan, “Olaudah Equiano: The Problem of Identity”
Review of Vincent Carretta, Equiano, the African: Biography of a Self-Made Man (Georgia, 2005)

George Justice, “The Penalties of Authorship”
Review of Jody Greene, The Trouble with Ownership (Pennsylvania, 2005)

Devony Looser, “Old Age as a Useful Category of Historical Analysis”
Review of Susannah Ottaway, The Decline of LifeOld Age in Eighteenth-Century England (Cambridge, 2004)

Erin Mackie, “Dressing for Success”
Review of Jennie Batchelor, Dress, Distress and Desire: Clothing and the Female Body in Eighteenth-Century Literature (Palgrave, 2005)

John O’Brien, “Authorizing Readers”
Review of David Brewer, The Afterlife of Character1726–1825 (Pennsylvania, 2005)