Volume 47, 2006, Supplement

Eve Tavor Bannet, “Metaphor and the Masculine Canon”
Review of Jane Spencer, Literary Relations: Kinship and the Canon 1660-1830 (Oxford, 2005)

William J. Christmas, “Integration Studies”
Review of Jennifer Keith, Poetry and the Feminine from Behn to Cowper (Delaware, 2005)

Jeanine Casler, “The Widow as Shape-shifter”
Review of Karen Bloom Gevirtz, Life after Death: Widows and the English Novel, Defoe to Austen (Delaware, 2005)

Robert Folkenflik, “The Making of the English Literary Canon”
Review of Jonathan Kramnick, Making the English Canon: Print-Capitalism and the Cultural Past, 1700–1770 (Cambridge, 1998) and Trevor Ross, The Making of the English Literary Canon: From the Middle Ages to the Late Eighteenth Century (McGill-Queen’s, 1998)

Dustin Griffin, “The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson”
Review of John Watkins’ Representing Elizabeth in Stuart England: Literature, History, Sovereignty (Cambridge, 2002)

Dustin Griffin, “Whigs and Jacobites in the Age of Queen Anne”
Review of Abigail Williams, Poetry and the Creation of a Whig Literary Culture, 1681–1714 (Oxford, 2005)

Brean S. Hammond, “When Sound Echoes Sense: Of Language, Epistemology, and Ethics in Pope and Berkeley”
Review of Tom Jones, Pope and Berkeley: The Language of Poetry and Philosophy (Palgrave, 2005)

Aleksondra Hultquist, “Nearly Novel Beginnings”
Review of Patricia Meyers Spacks, Novel Beginnings: Experiments in Eighteenth-Century English Fiction (Yale, 2006)

Rachel Ramsey, “Buying and Selling Luxury in Seventeenth-Century England”
Review of Linda Levy Peck, Consuming Splendor: Society and Culture in Seventeenth-Century England (Cambridge, 2005)

John J. Richetti, “Beyond Foucault: Criminal Narratives and Personal Liberation”
Review of Hal Gladfelder, Criminality and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Beyond the Law (Johns Hopkins, 2001)

Jad Smith, “The Erotics of Loss”
Review of George Haggerty, Queer Gothic (Illinois, 2007)

Jeffrey Smitten, “John Wilkes, Liberty, and Scandal”
Review of Arthur Cash, John Wilkes: The Scandalous Father of Civil Liberty (Yale, 2006)

Charlotte Sussman, “Life and Letters in the City”
Review of James Chandler and Kevin Gilmartin (eds.), Romantic MetropolisThe Urban Scene of British Culture (Cambridge, 2005)