Volume 54, 2013, Supplement

Nicole Gray and Matt Cohen, “Danse Macabre: Death, Cultural History, and Colonization”
Review of Erik Seeman, Death in the New World: Cross-Cultural Encounters, 1492–1800 (Pennsylvania, 2010)

Ian Higgins, “Jonathan Swift, Financial Revolution, and Anglo-Irish Print Culture”
Review of Sean O. Moore, Swift, the Book and the Irish Financial Revolution: Satire and Sovereignty in Colonial Ireland (Johns Hopkins, 2010)

Tom Jones, “Johnson, Macpherson, and Literary Truths”
Review of Thomas M. Curley, Samuel Johnson, The Ossian Fraud, and the Celtic Revival in Great Britain and Ireland (Cambridge, 2009)

Emily M. Kugler, “Imagining Insular Empire in Samuel Baker’s Written on the Water”
Review of Samuel Baker, Written on the Water: British Romanticism and the Maritime Empire of Culture (Virginia, 2010)

Anna Neill, “Imperial Cacophony”
Review of Suvir Kaul, Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Post-Colonial Studies (Edinburgh, 2009)

Pam Perkins, “Violent Passions: Anti-Jacobinism and the Early American Republic”
Review of Rachel Hope Cleves, The Reign of Terror in America: Visions of Violence from Anti-Jacobinism to Antislavery (Cambridge, 2009)

The Editors would like to thank the following Editorial Assistants for this volume: Caitlin Cress, Joel Haddorf, Sydney Ingram, Whitney Rinne, Jordan Sells, Michaela Templemire, Michelle Tuttle, and Caitlin Wiedenmann.