Special Issue 50.2-3, Summer/Fall 2009, Guest Editor Laura Mandell

Table of Contents

Technologies of Emotion

Laura Mandell, “Introduction: Histories of Print, Histories of Emotion.”

Jody Greene, “Ego non sum Ego: John Dunton and the Consolations of Print.”

William B. Warner, “The Invention of a Public Machine for Revolutionary Sentiment: The Boston Committee of Correspondence.”

Suzie Park, “Compulsory Narration, Sentimental Interface: Going through the Motions of Emotion.”

Gerald Egan, “Radical Moral Authority and Desire: The Image of the Male Romantic Poet in Frontispiece Portraits of Byron and Shelley.”

Deidre Lynch, “On Going Steady with Novels.”

Andrea Henderson, “Mastery and Melancholy in Suburbia.”

Jacqueline George, “‘All these lovers of books have themselves become books!’: Leigh Hunt in his Library.”

Jonathan Kramnick, “Response: Some Thoughts on Print Culture and the Emotions.”