Issue 57.4, Winter 2016

Table of Contents

Nick Valvo, “Sentimental Disinterest”.

Bill Knight, “Of Transport and Transportation”.

Monica Bolufer, “Orientalizing Southern Europe?: Spain Through the Eyes of Foreign Travelers”.

Scott M. Sanders, “On Chanting, Wailing, and Spell-Casting: Haunting Voices in Jacques Cazotte’s Le Diable Amoureux“.

Lee Kahan: “”I See the World Without Going into It”: Manley’s New Atlantis and the Problem of Mass Mediation in the English Enlightenment”.

James Turner, “White Light”.

Steven M. Biles, “From Mobility to Stability: Civil Examinations and Social Staues in Eighteenth-Century China”.

Michael Keevak, “The “Chineseness of English Styles in the Long Eighteenth Century”.

James Mulholland, “The Futures of Anglophone Indian Literary Studies”.

Melissa Bailes, “Women, Gardens, and Solitude in Eighteenth-Century Britain”.