Issue 57.3, Fall 2016

Table of Contents

Joshua Swidzinki, “Panoramic Sites and Civic Unrest in 1790s London”.

Bruno Carvalho, “Writing Race in Two Americas: Blackness, Science, and Circulation of Knowledge in the Eighteenth-Century Luso-Brazilian World and the United States”.

Nathaniel Wolloch, “Natural Disasters and the Debate on the Unity or Plurality of Enlightenments”.

James Mulholland, “Impersonating Islanders: Inauthenticity, Sexuality, and the Making of the Tahitian Speaker in 1770s British Poetry”.

Jessica Cook, “Mary Leapor and the Poem as Meeting Place”.

Benjamin F. Pauley, “Quite Contrary: Defoe’s Dialectics”.

Jason H. Pearl, “A History of Historical Distances”.

Mary Anne Rotherberg, “Scott’s Surprising Contemporaneity”.

Mairlyn Walker, “Gendering Transatlantic Ant-Slavery History”.