Special Issue 56.2, Summer 2015, Guest Editor Devoney Looser

Table of Contents

Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries

Devoney Looser, “Introduction: Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries.”

Cheryl A. Wilson, “‘Something like mine’: Catherine Hutton, Jane Austen, and Feminist Recovery Work.”

Erin M. Goss, “Homespun Gossip: Jane West, Jane Austen, and the Task of Literary Criticism.”

Toby R. Benis, “The Neighborhoods of Northanger Abbey.”

Danielle Spratt, “Denaturalizing Lady Bountiful: Speaking the Silence of Poverty in Mary Brunton’s Discipline and Jane Austen’s Emma.”

Olivera Jokic, “The Odds and the Ends: What to Do With Some Letters of Catharine Macaulay.”

Laura E. Thomason, “The Dilemma of Friendship in Jane Austen’s Emma.”

Misty Kreuger, “From Marginalia to Juvenilia: Jane Austen’s Vindication of the Stuarts.”

Jodi L. Wyett, “Female Quixotism Refashioned: Northanger Abbey, the Engaged Reader, and the Woman Writer.”