Special Issue 54.2, Summer 2013, Guest Editors Manushag N. Powell and Rivka Swenson

Table of Contents

Sensational Subjects

Manushag N. Powell and Rivka Swenson, “Introduction: Subject Theory and the Sensational Subject.”

Helen Thompson, “”It was impossible to know these People’: Secondary Qualities and the Form of Character in A Jounral of the Plague Year.”

Julie Park, “What the Eye Cannot See: Interior Landscapes in Mansfield Park.”

Crystal B. Lake, “Feeling Things: The Novel Objectives of Sentimental Objects.”

David A. Brewer, “The Tactility of Authorial Names.”

Kristin M. Girten, “Charlotte Smith’s Tactile Poetics.”

Richard A. Barney, “Burke, Biomedicine, and Biobelligerence.”

Noelle Chao, “‘Listening to the Voice on the Page: Joshua Steele and the Technologies of Recording”

Al Coppola, “‘Without the Help of Glasses’: The Anthropocentric Spectacle of Nehemiah Grew’s Botany.”

Ruth Mack, “The Limits of the Senses in Johnson’s Scotland.”