Special Issue 51.3, Fall 2010, Guest Editor Vivasvan Soni

Table of Contents

The Crisis of Judgement

Vivasvan Soni, “Introduction: The Crisis of Judgement.”

Thomas Pfau, “The Letter of Judgement: Practical Reason in Aristotle, the Stoics, and Rousseau.”

Claudia Brodsky, “‘Judgement’ and the Genesis of What We Lack: ‘Schema,’ ‘Poetry,’ and the ‘Monogram of the Imagination’ in Kant.”

Tilottama Rajan,” Godwin’s Critique of Judgement in Caleb Williams and Other Novels.”

Vivasvan Soni, “Committing Freedom: The Cultivation of Judgement in Rousseau’s Emile and Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.”