Special Issue 50.1, Spring 2009, Guest Editor Laura J. Rosenthal

Table of Contents

The Future of Feminist Theory in Eighteenth-Century Studies

Laura J. Rosenthal, “Introduction: Recovering from Recovery.”

Ellen Pollak, “The Future of Feminist Theory and Eighteenth-Century Studies.”

Joan DeJean, “And What About French Women Writers?”

Alison Conway, “Future Conditional: Feminist Theory, New Historicism, and Eighteenth-Century Studies.”

Melissa Mowry, “Feminism and Eighteenth-Century Studies: Working in the Bordello of History.”

Judith P. Zinsser, “Feminist Biography: A Contradiction in Terms?”

Toni Bowers, “The Achievement of Scholarly Authority for Women: Trends in the Interpretation of Eighteenth-Century Fiction.”

Jennifer Thorn, “Phillis Wheatley’s Ghosts: The Racial Melancholy of New England Protestants.”

JoEllen DeLucia, “From the Female Gothic to a Feminist Theory of History: Ann Radcliffe and the Scottish Enlightenment.”