Issue 58.3, Fall 2017

Guest Editor Aleksondra Hultquist

Table of Contents

Aleksondra Hultquist, “Introductory Essay: Emotion, Affect, and the Eighteenth Century”.

Stephen Ahern, “Nothing More Than Feelings?: Affect Theory Reads the Age of Sensibility”.

Jean I. Marsden, “Affect and the Problem of Theater”.

Katie Barclay, “Natural Affection, the Patriarchal Family, and the “Strict Settlement” Debate: A Response from the History of Emotions”.

M. Wade Mahon, “Making the Green One Red: Elocution, Emotion, and the Impact of Print Literacy”.

Michael Edson, “Sympathy, Verse Movement, and the Lucretian Shipwreck”.

Robert Phiddian and Jean McBain, “Emotional and Scribal Communities in the Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift“.

Kathryn Temple, “Heart of Agitation: Mary Wollstonecraft, Emotion, and Legal Subjectivity”.