Issue 58.1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Arthur Edward Kolzow, “The Emotionality of Moral Judgement in Diderot’s Literature and Philosophy”.

Benjamin Hudson, “Making Pins, Fashioning Laborers: The Manufacturing Logic of the Object-Narrative in the 1790s”.

Mary Beth Tegan, “Training the Picturesque Eye: The Point of Views in Jane Austen’s Persuasian“.

Thomas Salem Manganaro, “Akrasia and the Explanation of Action in Rousseau and Sterne”.

Chunjie Zhang, “The Islander Kadu and Adelbert von Chamisso: Relations in Oceania”.

Chi-ming Yang, “Globalizing Eighteenth-Century Literary History (A View from 2016)”.

Naoki Sakai, “The Modern Regime of Translation and the Emergence of the Nation”.

Birgit Tautz, “Global City Eclipses Small Town, or How to Tell a New Story of Eighteenth-Century (German) Literature”.

Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi, “Tropicalizing Philip Quaque: On Atlantic Literature”.