Issue 55.1, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Jason S. Farr, “Sharp Minds / Twisted Bodies: Intellect, Disability, and Female Education in Frances Burney’s Camilla.

Peter Melville, “Lying with Godwin and Kant: Truth and Duty in St. Leon.”

Whitney Arnold, “Rousseau and Reformulating Celebrity.”

Nathaniel Norman, “Organic Tensions: Putting the Tracings Back on the Map in Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson.”

Aaron R. Hanlon, “Maids, Mistresses, and ‘Monstrous Doubles’: Gender-Class Kyriarchy in The Female Quixote and Female Quixotism.”

Critical Conversations:

Tita Chico, “Civil Society and Its Discontents.”

Laura Brown, “The Happy Man and the Cultural Fable of the Good Life.”

Erin Mackie, “Gulliver and the Houyhnhnm Good Life.”

Daniel O’Quinn, “Navigating Crisis in Sheridan’s The Rivals.”

Cristobal Silva, “Nostalgia and The Good Life.”

Kathryn Temple, “What’s Old Is New Again: William Blackstone’s Theory of Happiness Comes to America.”