Issue 54.4, Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Ivonne del Valle, “From José de Acosta to the Enlightenment: Barbarians, Climate Change, and (Colonial) Technology as the End of History.”

Andrew Kopec, “Collective Commerce and the Problem of Autobiography in Olaudah Equiano’s Narrative.”

James Cruise, “A Journal of the Plague Year: Defoe’s Grammatology and the Secrets of Belonging.”

Kristin Girten, “Mingling with Matter: Tactile Microscopy and the Philosophic Mind in Brobdingnag and Beyond.”

Andrew Warren, “Designing and Undrawing Veils: Anxiety and Authorship in Radcliffe’s The Italian.”

David W. Chapman, “The Legendary John Howard and Prison Reform in the Eighteenth Century” (Book Review).

Jeng-Guo S. Chen, “Eighteenth-Century England’s Chinese Taste” (Book Review).

Katherine Mannheimer, “Indexing the Indecorous in the Life and Work of William Hogarth” (Book Review).

Thomas Pfau, “‘Shadowing the Lyric: Tilottama Rajan Reads Romantic Narrative” (Book Review).

Hina Nazar, “Friendship, Philosophy, and Argument: An Enlightenment Narrative” (Book Review).