An Index of Authors from Volume 40 to Volume 45, 2000-2004

Aravamudan, Srinivas, “Art Criticism as a ‘Multi-Sited Ethnography,’” 42:181-186.

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Braunschneider, Theresa, “Acting the Lover: Gender and Desire in Narratives of Passing Women,” 45:211-230.

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Burke, Tim, “‘Humanity is Now the Pop’lar Cry’: Laboring-Class Writers and the Liverpool Slave Trade, 1787-1789,” 42:245-263.

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Chilcoat, Michelle, “The Legacy of Enlightenment Brain Sex,” 41:3-20.

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Dalporto, Jeannie, “Landscape, Labor, and the Ideology of Improvement in Mary Leapor’s ‘Crumble-Hall,’” 42:228-244.

———, “The Succession Crisis and Elkanah Settle’s The Conquest of China by the Tartars,” 45:131-146.

Davis, Evan, “‘A Full and Exact Relation’: Sodomy, Authenticity, and Publication in the Narrative of the Marooned Dutchman,” 44:257-277.

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Francus, Marilyn, “Austen at the Movies. (Jane Austen in Hollywood),” 41:160-168.

Frangos, Jennifer, “Aphra Behn’s Cunning Stunts: ‘To the Fair Clarinda,’” 45:21-40.

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Greene, Richard, “Mary Leapor: The Problem of Personal Identity,” 42: 218-227.

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———, “Keyhole Testimony: Witnessing Sodomy in the Eighteenth Century,” 44:167-182.

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Hawes, Clement, “Enthusiasm’s Farther Adventures,” 41:247-252.

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Howard, Carol, “Wollstonecraft’s Thoughts on Slavery and Corruption,” 45:61-86.

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Keevak, Michael, “Knowing about China, 1500-1800” (Book Review), 43:8589.

King, Kathryn R., “Female Agency and Feminocentric Romance” (Book Review), 41:56-67.

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———, “Nothing Was Moribund, Nothing Was Dark: Time and Its Narratives in the Early Modern Period,” 41:179-184.

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———, “Family Affairs” (Book Review), 45:Online Supplement.

———, “Genre, Ideology, and Restoration Drama (Book Review),” 42:83-87.

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Steintrager James A., “Monstrous Appearances: Hogarth’s ‘Four Stages of Cruelty’ and the Paradox of Inhumanity,” 42:59-80.

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———, “Feminizing the History of the Novel” (Book Review), 45:Online Supplement.

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———, “Charlotte Lennox and the Agency of Romance,” 43:91-114.

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