Issue 58.4, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

Killian Quigley, “Boggy Geography and an Irish Moose: Thomas Molyneaux’s New World Neighborhood”.

Julia Simon, “Dangerous Liasons: Reflections on the Politics of Confientiality in the Cyber-Age University”.

Kristina Straub, “The Soldier and the Theater: Military Masculinity and the Emergence of a Scottish Macbeth”.

Joel P. Sodano, “Uneasy Passions: The Spectator’s Divergent Interpretations of Locke’s Theory of Emotion”.

Nicole M. Wright, “”Willing Victims”?: Disavowed Consent and Formal Deviance in Fielding’s Amelia“.

Michael A Osborne, “Revolution, Terror, Contingency, and Potatoes”.

Tonya Howe, “Making a New King of Modern: On the Arts in the Age of Anne”.

Alexander Dick, “Moderate Enlightenment and Religious Controversy in Eighteenth-Century Scotland”.

John Savarese, “Orality, Primitivism, and Poetry’s Mediated Publics”.

Nicole Garret, “Recovering a Sentimental Past”.