Volume 55, 2014, Supplement

Heather King, “Publishing Private Vices: The Role of the Eighteenth-Century Press in Politicizing Morality”

Melissa Bailes, “New Perspectives on the New Philosophy: Women’s Scientific Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century”

Alison Conway, “Mothers in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History”

David Alvarez, “Globalizing Enlightenment Aesthetics”

Ann Louise Kibbie, “Bringing Matter to Life”

The Editors wish to thank our Editorial Assistant for this volume, Lauren Blair.

Volume 54, 2013, Supplement

Nicole Gray and Matt Cohen, "Danse Macabre: Death, Cultural History, and Colonization"

Ian Higgins, "Jonathan Swift, Financial Revolution, and Anglo-Irish Print Culture"

Tom Jones, "Johnson, Macpherson, and Literary Truths"

Emily M. Kugler, "Imagining Insular Empire in Samuel Baker's Written on the Water"

Anna Neill, "Imperial Cacophony"

Pam Perkins, "Violent Passions: Anti-Jacobinism and the Early American Republic"

The Editors would like to thank the following Editorial Assistants for this volume: Caitlin Cress, Joel Haddorf, Sydney Ingram, Whitney Rinne, Jordan Sells, Michaela Templemire, Michelle Tuttle, and Caitlin Wiedenmann.

Volume 53, 2012, Supplement

Sarah Alderfer, "Politics, Deception, and the Novel"

Susan Carlile, "Politics: The Business of a Woman"

Shelly Charles, "L’homme sans qualités: l’abbé Prévost, ou l'écrivain à l’école du commerce"

Ian Higgins, "Jonathan Swift's Political Biography"

Elaine McGirr, "Genre and Gender: Time for an Inclusive Literary History"

Sally O'Driscoll, "Nostalgia for 'Inherent Perfection': The Incorporation of Balladry into Poetry Itself"

Laura Rosenthal, "Men Behaving Badly"

Beth Kowaleski Wallace, "Oh You Beautiful Doll: Objects in Eighteenth-Century Culture"

The Editors would like to thank the following Editorial Assistants for this volume: Ly’Tanya Culbert, Kolbe Krzyzanowski, Marie M. Mayhugh, Rebekkah Owens, Sandi Parker, and Erin York.

Volume 52, 2011, Supplement

Marilyn Francus, "The Authoress in Winter"

Tonya Howe, "Taking the Coquette Seriously"

Edward Jacobs, "Shrinking Historicism"

Phebe Jensen, "Oral Culture and Religious Identity"

Bridget Keegan, "What Do Servants Want?"

Donna Landry, "Green and Peasant Land?"

John Patrick Montaño, "A Variety of Viewpoints: Charles II and the Cavalier Parliament"

Daniel O'Quinn, "The Structural Transformation of Domiciliary Entertainment"

Alaina Pincus, "Situating Freethinking in the Early Enlightenment"

Jerry B. Vannatta, M.D., "Anesthesia and Literature: Breathing 'the Vapour of Ether'"

The Editors would like to thank the following Editorial Assistants for this volume: Jordan Burr, Dane Howard, Deirdre Mikolajcik, Elaina Newton, Missi Rasmussen, Rachel Rumpf, Nathan Wall, Mandy White, and William Wright.

Volume 51, 2010, Supplement

Emily Hodgson Anderson, "Theatrical Women"

Michèle Cohen, "'A Circle of Conversation': Sociability and Intellect in Eighteenth-Century England"

George E. Haggerty, "A Genealogy of Queer"

Rachel Ramsey, "Imagining Eighteenth-Century London"

William J. Scheick, "Early American Anglican Architecture and Thomas Jefferson's Blind Spot"

Kristina Straub, "Love and Work"

Volume 50, 2009, Supplement

Toni Bowers, "'Real' or 'Expedient'?: Hannah Smith's Georgian Monarchy: Politics and Culture and the Question of Hanoverian Loyalty"

Lucinda Cole, "Animals, Things, and Consumption: A Review Essay"

Tim Fulford, "Romantic Writing and Dissenting Religion"

Stephen Gregg, "Contrariness: Defoe and Political Biography"

George Haggerty, "Queer People: Then and Now"

Molly Anne Rothenberg, "Why We Need Cynicism Now"

Beth Kowaleski Wallace, "Defining the Cultural Work of Sentimentality"

The Editors would like to thank the following Editorial Assistants for this volume: L’Auren Aspenlieder, David J. Collier, Megan Coonts, Karyn Henry, Melissa Holman, Tara Kloeppel, Bethany Lipari, Grace E. Reed, Adam Thomas-Brashier, and Lindsay Waples.

Volume 49, 2008, Supplement

Marcie Frank,"Reading and the Public Sphere"

Michael R. Griffiths, "Caveats for the Posthuman Past: Questions of Methodology in Eighteenth-Century Animal Studies"

Brean S. Hammond, "The Art of the Eighteenth-Century Flâneur"

Devoney Looser, "Pioneer Feminizers and the Eighteenth-Century Welcome of Female Authors"

Erin Mackie, "Figuring out the Public Sphere"

Robert Mitchell, "History, Continuity, and Discontinuity: Cyborgs and the Eighteenth Century"

Volume 48, 2007, Supplement

Ala Alryyes, "Johnson's Body and Mind"

Humberto Garcia, "Debunking William Hazlitt's Liberal Myth: Public Print Culture in the Long Counterrevolution"

Curtis Perry, "Three Kingdoms?"

Laura Rosenthal, "Mandeville's Modest Defence: A Key Text in the History of Eighteenth-Century Sexuality"

Eugenia Zuroski, "Imagining the Female Nation"

Volume 47, 2006, Supplement

Eve Tavor Bannet, "Metaphor and the Masculine Condition"

William J. Christmas, "Integration Studies"

Jeanine Casler, "The Widow as Shape-shifter"

Robert Folkenflik, "The Making of the English Literary Canon"

Dustin Griffin, "The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson"

Dustin Griffin, "Whigs and Jacobites in the Age of Queen Anne"

Brean S. Hammond, "When Sound Echoes Sense: Of Language, Epistemology, and Ethics in Pope and Berkeley"

Aleksondra Hultquist, "Nearly Novel Beginnings"

Rachel Ramsey, "Buying and Selling Luxury in Seventeenth-Century England"

John J. Richetti, "Beyond Foucault: Criminal Narratives and Personal Liberation"

Jad Smith, "The Erotics of Loss"

Jeffrey Smitten, "John Wilkes, Liberty, and Scandal"

Charlotte Sussman, "Life and Letters in the City"

Volume 46, 2005, Supplement

Alvan Bregman "Hogarth’s Christian Doctrine"

Lucinda Cole "Nervous Acts: Nerves, Politics, and Literary Culture"

Jim Egan "Olaudah Equiano: The Problem of Identity"

George Justice "The Penalties of Authorship"

Devony Looser "Old Age as a Useful Category of Historical Analysis"

Erin Mackie "Dressing for Success"

John O'Brien "Authorizing Readers"

Volume 45, 2004, Supplement

Erin Mackie, "Oversold and Under-delivered."

James Noggle, "Eighteenth-Century Fiction and Lyric."

Adam Potkay, "The Rhetoric of Empiricism Revisited."

Laura Rosenthal, "Family Affairs."

Helen Thompson, "Feminizing the History of the Novel."